Our land development project management (LDPM) team assists clients in the development of their land assets aimed at optimising the value of their asset at all stages of the development life cycle, from inception to completion.

This is achieved through our approach to de-risk the asset and aim to differentiate the development from its competition through good place making principles that build sustainable communities. We can support all stages of the development cycle from pre-acquisition due diligence, masterplan optimisation, planning, infrastructure delivery strategies all the way through to estate/legacy management offering a cradle to grave service specifically tailored to suit our clients needs whether as a master developer, residential developer, promoter or funder.

Our services include:

  • Development Project Management
    • Alongside the day to day management of the project including organising, chairing and minuting meetings, in conjunction with the project team we provide advice on the development of the masterplan, development phasing, marketing/disposal strategies, estate management strategy and s106 monitoring/reporting.
  • Programme Management
    • Preparation of a master development programme and monitoring/reporting against this to include pre-planning, planning, design, procurement, construction and sale/marketing. This is a key measure for control of programme inter-dependencies, design management and cost control.
  • Design Management
    • We provide advice on consultant selection and appointment and manage multi-disciplinary teams to drive for results. Our technical background enables us to challenge the design teams for optimum outcomes and manage the interface between the teams to align with the clients budget and programme expectations.
  • Infrastructure Management
    • We provide advice on infrastructure strategies including options for private versus adopted infrastructure, infrastrucure phasing, multi-functional green/drainage infrastructure benefits, procurement strategies, utility strategies and associated legal agreements/bonds etc. We also manage the procurement of the primary infrastructure works.
  • Risk/Opportunity Management
    • We work with the project team to understand and record the risks and opportunities at all stages of the development via a project risk register. This remains a live document and informs the programme, cost plan and development contingency.
  • Cost Plans/QS
    • Managing the preparation of cost plans in support of the various stages of development and cost/reporting/QS to inform the clients business plan. This includes the role of Employers Agent, managing the tender process and valuations during the construction phase.

The earlier we are involved in a development, the more value we can add by maximising the development potential of your site through the implementation of our approach described above.


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